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Welcome at Franco Inn



Who are we?

We are Franco, a proud Gambian and Dutch Eefje that lost her heart in The Gambia. We met in The Gambia when Eefje was doing volunteer work at a foundation that Franco is also part of. We fell in love, got engaged, then married and became proud parents a few years later.

Just like many Gambians Franco hasn’t had an easy life. He always wanted to do something back for his country and countrymen. He likes to show his welcoming country to others. Together we have worked hard to establish this.

We are pleased to now be able to welcome you at our Franco Inn Guesthouse end Educational and Cultural skill Centre. You are very welcome to join us at one of our many fun workshops in the village  Tanji. With this you provide the locals that teach the workshop with a much needed income. More information about the workshops can be found under the button skill centre.

We would also love to welcome you in our guesthouse. In the fishing village of Tanji you will stay local to get that real African feeling, but with the western facilities like running water, electricity, shower and toilet. You also have the option to eat European cuisine.

We can show you the country, go for daytrips, offer workshops, advice and tell you the story of The Gambia. You can combine all activities as you like.

If you stay just for 1 night or a whole month, you like to discover Gambia independent or with a guide, by foot, by push bike, car, or you want to do nothing at all, everything is possible. We would love the show you, let you explore, feel and experience The beautiful Gambia .

Feel as if you are home in The Gambia.

Franco and Eefje,




The Gambia


In about 6 hours flying you will find the smallest country of Africa, The Gambia.  It is also called the “ Smiling Coast of Africa “. And not without reason. You will always get a warm welcome from the friendly population and you will always see smiling children running around. It’s a country where you will feel at home immediately.

Whether you are looking for a sun and beach holiday, want to soak up the culture or enjoy the beautiful nature and wildlife…in The Gambia its summer all year around and there is something to do for all likes.



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We would love to welcome you at our guesthouse in the local fishing village of Tanji. We will make sure to make your stay as comfortable as possible and guarantee you will leave with many fond memories you will never forget.



Our Skill Centre was founded in cooperation with the foundation Future For Young People.

Due to a high unemployment rate in Tanji the living conditions are difficult and sometimes hopeless. There are many local youth that have talent for the traditional art disciplines. 



If you are staying at Franco Inn, or you are staying somerwhere else in The Gambia. We would love to invite you to come and enjoy some of the nice workshops we are offering. All given bij talented Gambians from Tanji.



 The cultural and educational activities of Franco Inn are part of foundation Gambia Organisation Advise. One of the activities is to support and organize activities in favor of the Educational Cultural Skill Center of Franco-Inn in The Gambia and to generate financial resources to enable them to achieve their goals.


Franco Inn from a bird’s eye view