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  The Gambia

With about 2 million inhabitants The Gambia is one of the safest countries in Africa.  The biggest part of the population is Islamic and around 10% follow other religions like the Catholic and Angelic church. It’s a very peaceful society and all religions live side by side without any problems.

The Gambia is a poor country. The most sources of income are from tourism, fishing and peanut cultivation.

From East to West The Gambia is around 300 km wide, from North to South it varies between 20 to 50 km length.

The Gambia River runs through the whole length of the country and makes its way through breathtaking mangroves and dense jungle where dolphins, crocodiles, hippo´s, wild boar and monkeys and chimpanzee live.

The Gambia is perfect for bird lovers to spot birds. More than 500 exotic and rare bird species call The Gambia their home. But you don’t have to be a bird lover to enjoy the beautiful colours and sounds.






 In about 6 hours flying you will find the smallest country of Africa, The Gambia.  It is also called the “ Smiling Coast of Africa “. And not without reason. You will always get a warm welcome from the friendly population and you will  see smiling children running around. It’s a country where you will feel at home immediately.

Whether you are looking for a sun and beach holiday, want to soak up the culture or enjoy the beautiful nature and wildlife…in The Gambia its summer all year around and there is something to do for all likes.

The Gambia is situated on The Atlantic and the country is surrounded by Senegal on the North, East and South.

The Gambia has a subtropical climate with white beaches and palm trees.

They have a dry and wet season with the wet season from aprox.  July until September. The best time to travel to The Gambia is from mid October until mid June.

The Gambia is also very nice to visit during the wet season when there can be big rain storms and it’s warm and the humidity is high. If this is not a problem for you, you can experience the nature of The Gambia at its most beautiful time of the year.