The Cultural and Educational activities of Franco Inn are a part of the foundation SOB



The foundation SOB was founded in Helmond in the Netherlands on 20 march 2002 by Huub Schepers, social worker, Leo Beijers and Otto Spierings, Primary education teacher. 

Goal, To provide en support associations, foundations, other legal entities, bodies, private initiatives and charities in the field by organizing events, fairs, etc. (obtaining financial means to) achieve their goal.


SOB is signed in at de “Kamer van Koophandel” Onder the number: 17143983. Because SOB does not participate enough in economic transactions, it is exempt from VAT.

Activities in the past

For example, the annual motorbycicle conta CC exhibition was held in Helmond (the Netherlands). The monthly flee markets in Helmond, Someren and Aarle Rixtel, and various other events.Associations where directly involved and could recieve a donation.

After a passive period SO became active again on the 1 of July 2019 with new board members.

New board members

Banknumber: NL57INGB 0673 3992 81 Correspondence address: Den Bleek 16, 5725 CL Asten Heusden The Netherlands.  


Otto regeld het wel

Organisation en meditation for, education, institutions, companies, and individuals came in to being after the retirement of Otto Spierings. The many years of expierence as a organizer in and outside the education area and his network were initially used as an “event manager”  at primary schools to reduce the workload. In addition all sorts of things were organized, supported and provided.

Motorcycle rides from school leavers, benefit motorcycle ride for the circle, Santa Claus with Christmas elves and Easter bunny in shopping centers, assistance with filling in forms, assistance with organizing and conducting school reunions, catwalk fashion Sunday shopping center, setting up school garden, restart of Truckers Day, tasting, nature walk in collaboration with IVN, internship activities, Art and Hobbyday, etc., etc. These activities were initially carried out as a one-man company. Since July 1, 2019 this is part of SOB. For arranging, supporting and organizing events, projects, parties, supplying hand and hands, etc., you can call on Otto Regelt Het Wel. We can also place existing initiatives in this foundation if they fit in with our objective


2. Cultural and educative activities in The Gambia

On of the new activities is to support en organise the activities that benefit te projects, Skill Centre Franco Inn in The Gambia.

One of the new activities is to support and organize activities in favor of the Educational Skill Centre Franco Inn in The Gambia. And to generate financial resources to enable them to achive their goals. This can be done by approaching sponsors, applying for subsidies, organizing activities and not at least by motivating potential tourists for a nice expierence and staying at Franco inn, because by staying there they also contribute to the goals and vision.  Our mission here is to support Franco Inn with theur mission to give the people of The Gambia and especially the Gambians from Tanji involved in the Skill Centre project the opportunity to develop, transfer and exchange knowledge and to offer them the opportunity to exercise their passion witch also generates income.